South Africa – the fascinating country of wine

Sun-kissed wine-growing region of the Cape includes 102,000 hectares vine area. 800 km long territory is cultivated by approximately 4.400 wine-growers who create an enormous variety and impressive quality thanks to the exceptional climatic conditions and a number of the oldest viticultural soils on the earth. The vine areas are located in the unique “Cape Floral Kingdom” – one of the six plant kingdoms existing in the world. This one is the smallest and at the same time with its approximately 10.000 plant species the richest one. The wine making industry of South Africa has recognized the vital necessity to protect this unique nature. Since harvest 2000 95 percent of the grapes are produced in adherence of IPW (Integrated Production of Wine) guidelines which include the protection of the biodiversity of the vineyard.

The PAR Wine Award South Africa has been successfully launched by WINE System AG in January 2014. The main targets of this event are to increase the level of awareness of the South African products on the German-speaking market, to support the ambitious wine-growers from this wonderful country of wine and to provide the competent orientation guide to the consumers and retailers. The tasting was proceeded by the independent PAR®-jury under the direction of sensors expert Martin Darting.

Applying of the internationally recognized PAR®-method allows to describe the qualities of submitted wines and makes them tangible. The quantitative analysis of ingredients in combination with qualitative assessment of the trained tasters leads to an objective and transparent result, which makes the quality of the South African wines replicable evidenced and internationally comparable

Here are the results of 2015!






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